Dual NGL Pump/Truck Loading Skids

Texas Bound Dual NGL Pump/Truck Loading Skids FAT Day . At S&S here in Alpharetta today where team is doing wet test FAT on a dual pump skid with BLACKMER® sliding vane pumps with 25hp motors, Blackmer by-pass valves, air actuated on/off valves, and PLC controls. Package also included two NGL truck loading skids with 3″ Micromotion meters with 5700 transmitters, ESD’s for both product and vapor, Newson Gale ground verification units, Smart Hoses with internal breakaways for connection to the trucks and vertical coalescing filters. All piping is 300# class and electrical is Class 1, Div. 2.

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Dual NGL Pump:Truck Loading Skids