Ethanol Rail to Truck Transloading – S&S Technical was asked to help a new transloading operation get started with unloading a smaller number of cars per month before moving to unit trains in the near future. The solution includes and expandable header line with product and vapor piping, pipe supports, unloading/loading skid to take product off the cars and load directly into trucks. Not shown is the rail access cart with battery powered tug unit being used for rail car access to connect vapor hoses to the top car connections. Bottom unloading hoses will be connected at each car spot to the main header line and will utilize Dixon API couplers and tank car elbows with adapters. The skid package includes an FMC PD meter, Toptech Multiload controller, Blackmer pump. A BOL ticker printer is being provided with weatherproof enclosure to allow drivers to print tickets after each load at the skid. As the site expands all equipment can be expanded and or moved at the site and utilized for other purposes.

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