Ethanol Rail Transload Site Just Wrapping Up Install/FAT & Meter Proving. S&S Technical recently provided a Phase 1 solution to a client’s request for offloading ethanol cars and loading trucks at a rail siding close to their customer base. The solution allowed for a simple, cost-effective approach that was easy and fast to install with minimal equipment. By eliminating the cost of installing an expensive long platform that would require foundation work, site prep, permitting, and various trades to erect and manage, a mobile access solution was provided.
The mobile access cart was equipped with a battery-powered tug unit to push/pull the cart up and down the track siding to access the 3 rail cars. A header system was provided down the track siding for bottom offloading and is connected to a truck loading skid package with Blackmer pump, FMC meter, Scully Intellitrol, Toptech load controller, Wi-Fi package, and BOL ticket printer.
Dixon API couplers and rail unload adapters were used at each offload spot. The site is ready to add three more offload positions by header system extension. A Toptech subscription service is being utilized to capture daily transactions back at the client’s home offices several states away.

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