Verssaload 190 Proof Ethyl Alcohol Truck Loading Package with Intergrated Custody Transfer Meter Skid with High Flow Filter Vessel & Controls. Recent Installation for a client who needed the capability to both top and bottom load trucks using the same skid system. S&S provided the VerssaLoad package for the solution with platform for top of truck access, stainless top loading arm with vapor recovery and overfill protection and stainless bottom loading arm for truck bottom loading. The design uses an automated 3-way valve for an operator to select via the load controller, top or bottom loading. The 3-way valve then orients flow to the desired load condition. The loading meter skid package includes 316 SS pipe, 10-micron filter system, Promass coriolis meter, FMC Accuload IV controller, Scully Intellitrol ground/overfill, Class 1, Div. 2 electrical.
The Verssaload range of truck and railcar loading and unloading solutions allows for the complete loading package to be integrated into the platform structure, fully factory set up and tested prior to shipping. Common loading racks won’t load anything and fall short of being a complete solution leaving you to manage more vendors and take your valuable project management time ensuring all of the puzzle pieces fit.

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