Multiple Truck Loading/Unloading Skids Wrapping Up Testing and Heading to Texas. S&S was asked to help design a truck bottom unloading station to take VGO feedstock to storge and design (3) truck loading lanes to load a proprietary finished product. The truck unloading package includes an A-frame truck unloading arm, Toptech Multiload controller, Scully Groundhog ground verification, Clay-Val control valve, Micromotion F300 coriolis meter, Rosemount instrumentation and Viking gear pump.
The bottom truck loading packages include bottom loading arms, Scully Intellitrol, Micromotion F200 coriolis meters, Rosemount instruments, Clay-Val control valves, Toptech Multiload controllers. Packages were built and tested to B31.3 with Class 1, Div. 2 electrical.
Skids were fully wet tested where S&S can run the units to simulate full flow and perform a complete function test prior to installation and meter proving on site.

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