Natural Gas Boosting system

This is a Natural Gas Boosting system designed and manufactured by S&S Technical. The system includes two, two-stage reciprocating compressors, for redundancy, knock-out vessels and a two-pass fan-cooled heat exchanger for inter-stage and after cooling. This system receives municipal pipeline gas at 15 psig and boosts it to 150 psig (@ 7500 scfh) for storage in a 17,600 gallon surge vessel. The gas is then regulated down to 60 psig to support three natural gas-fired engine dynos. The system is fully automated to maintain adequate flow capacity and pressure using on skid instrumentation along with the local Nema 7 PLC-driven control panel. All of the design, engineering and fabrication was completed by S&S technical at our Alpharetta, GA manufacturing facility. 

Natural Gas Boosting System

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