New Truck Load Rack Installation Wrapping Up in S&S Technical’s Home State of Georgia. Client needed to replace an antiquated single overhead tie off point shown in picture being used for fall protection while climbing to the top of the trucks and inserting a hose that was hung overhead to load. S&S consulted with the site and recommended the VerssaLoad galvanized steel pre-engineered single pedestal support platform utilizing a Safe Harbor self-leveling stair truck access gangway with safety cage for fall protection. The hose was replaced with a stainless Excel loading arm attached to a loading arm support integrated into the platform.
The VerssaLoad package included GA PE stamp & foundation design. The modular design allowed for quick installation minimizing downtime. The use of the pre-designed VerssaLoad package allowed for a quote and approval drawings to be in the customers hands a day after consulting with the client. Pre-engineered loading rack solutions with and without canopies for both truck & railcar loading & unloading are available. A custom range of VerssaLoad load rack packages with integrated skid systems including pumping, metering, compressors, controls, electrical, emergency shutdown, grounding & overfill prevention are available.

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