Palm Oil Mobile Ship to Railcar Transloading Units with Custom Fabricated Connex Building Ready to Ship. S&S was approached to provide (3) 1000gpm transloading units moving palm oil off ships direct to rail. Units have stainless steel 6″ piping/valves, 4″ Micromotion F400 meters with 2500 series transmitters, 6″ loading arms, Safe Harbor access gangways/safety cages, LED lighting, Wifi, Infrared cameras with day/night operation, Scully ground/overfill protection, Toptech Multiload controllers, 100′ cable with cable storage for connection to generator power, upper and lower level E-stops. The custom fabricated connex building included CCTV monitor, computer monitor for remote control of the transload unit Toptech controllers from the connex, HVAC, LED lights, duplex outlets, Wifi access for remote transmission of BOL ticket data to onsite offices.

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