Propane Mobile Transload Unit Set Up Day. S&S was asked to build two mobile transload units to transfer propane from cars to trucks. At S&S we fully set up and test the mobile units to ensure proper fit up and function prior to shipping. This saves valuable time in the field by eliminating start and erection/assembly issues that can occur if equipment is not tested prior to shipment. The package includes Toptech load controller, Scully Groundhog ground verification units for the truck and car, E&H Promass meter, E&H RTD/Thermowell, Blackmer LB601B compressor, S&S designed liquid and vapor loading lines with Dixon swivels, Fisher ESD’s and Smarthoses with globe valves, Green access gangway / safety cage for top of rail car access, 300# class pipe and Class 1, Div. 2 electrical.

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