Railcar Feedstock Bottom Unloading Arms – In House Traced / Insulated. S&S Technical was asked to help Marathon in California & North Dakota with their feedstock railcar unloading arms to support their renewables efforts. S&S worked with their engineering teams to design (38) long reach low profile bottom unloading arms that included site glasses, API couplers and Dixon railcar elbows with API adapters. With S&S doing many skid packages with electric heat tracing & insulation in house – arms are also traced/insulated in house with full set up and testing after completion to assure the arms are correctly balanced before shipping. If you need more than a distributor who happens to sell loading arms and looking for a company who can in house custom design your solution, do trace/insulation heat loss calculations, Class 1, Div. 2 electrical, provide 3D models, fully set up and test your finished product before shipment to ensure the arms work before arrival, provide tailored solutions to meet your specific weld standards, pipe & paint specs, ITP requirements and document control needs

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