Railcar Loading Meter Skids Intergrated into Your Load Rack Structure – S&S can help. When designing your next railcar loading rack project for loading refined fuels, green diesel, propane, butane, propylene and the like, consider building your custody transfer metering skids into the rack structure making for easy maintenance access, help free up valuable space under the rack for other equipment & piping and eliminate the need for additional concrete pads. Skids include controls, overfill protection, ground verification, prover connections, instrumentation, and your preferred metering type to meet your specific needs and can be outfitted with additive injection for adding dye, lubricity, and other proprietary additives. With S&S loading rack design capabilities, your complete rack with skids, pipe supports, cable tray, canopies if required, fall protection, loading arms, track pans, PE stamp/calculations, foundation design, electrical/controls, piping design, and 3D models to drop into your package can all be done in house, so no need to call multiple vendors.

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