Refined Fuels Mobile Transload Unit Testing/Ship Day. S&S was asked to provide a mobile rail to truck transload unit to transfer refined fuels for a terminal site in Ohio. The package includes the new S&S platform design that allows the unit to be set up on site with no heavy equipment typically needed to erect the platform/stair and gangway that have to be removed for shipping. This can add $6,000.00 or more to your cost. All you need is a hole hog to raise the platform and simple hand tools to bolt on the safety cage which is done when the platform is lowered down.
The stair unit has self-leveling treads and is already connected and raises up with the platform. The aluminum slide out gangway with slip resistant grating is powder coated safety yellow and slides out to the rail car for access and utilizes a pivoting rail car safety cage for fall protection. Optional DOT trailer can be provided, and the unit can be towed to your site instead of shipping on a flatbed truck.
This particular package includes LED lights, Blackmer GNX4 pump, FMC 210 valve, FMC Prime 4 meter, Toptech Multiload, Scully Groundhog for the rail side, Scully Intellitrol for the truck load side, and BOL ticket printer. This unit was WET tested where S&S can simulate full flow ensuring the unit functions as designed prior to arrival.

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