Renewable Diesel Railcar Loading Skids Heading to Port Arthur, TX. Skid are being mounted into an S&S designed railcar loading rack with Safe Harbor gangways & safety cages & Excel loading arms. The skids will be mounted into the load rack on the upper level for easy operator access to the FMC Accuload IV controllers as they walk down the platform to each car spot. The skids have the platform handrail integrated into the skid frame work. Package includes OCV control valves, FMC turbine meters, Danex DBB valves for the prover loop, prover connections will be run to a manifold where a mobile prover can connect at grade level for meter proving, Rosemount pressure & temperature transmitters, thermowells & RTD’s, & enclosure. Skids will be customer witnessed WET tested at designed flow rates. Need help with custody transfer loading of railcars & loading rack design.

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