Stainless Rail Car Access Gangways & Loading Arms. S&S was asked to help a client in Canada upgrade their six-car spot acid loading rack. Custom made all stainless-steel gangways with safety cages were required to work in the application. The customer did not want to use any type of power to raise and lower the new access gangways as the equipment being replaced utilized pneumatic cylinders that were a constant maintenance issue in the acid load area and freezing temperatures caused additional issues with moisture build up in the pneumatic system making them inoperable at times. In the end, wide gangways to compensate for coupled car misspotting with manual spring balance operation to raise and lower them were provided. S&S worked with the end users design firm to suggest platform and handrail modifications as well as provide the loading arm piping modification layouts for new stainless loading arms that were also provided as part of the project.

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