In House Traced & Insulated Loading Arms. There are a countless number of distributors offering loading arms out there but there are few that trace & insulate loading arms in house. In many cases loading arm manufacturers themselves don’t like to offer the option and suggest the arms are traced/insulated in the field and if they do offer it, it’s more than likely sub-contracted to a 3rd party and is a very high-cost adder. At S&S we don’t leave gaps in your requirements and offer complete packages of equipment for loading and unloading trucks and rail cars inclusive of fully traced & insulated arms that can be provided with non-hazardous area electric or with Class 1, Div. 2 or Class 1, Div. 1 electrical. Arms are tested to ensure they are properly balanced after being traced & insulated and crated for shipment. One less thing to worry about after your arms arrive on site.

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