Better By the Dozen – (12) diesel truck loading skids heading to a terminal in Brownsville, TX. S&S client building out twelve new loading lanes and utilizing the Verssaload standard package developed to load a variety of refined fuels, renewables and bio-fuels. Packages include truck bottom loading arms with API couplers, 4″ piping welded and tested to ASME B31.3, 100% X-ray on butt welds, hydro test, Class 1, Div. 2 electrical, Scully Intellitrol ground verification/overfill, Toptech Multiload controller, vapor line with API vapor coupler, FMC Genesis meters, FMC 210 digital control valves, fire safe ball valves, Titan basket strainer with DPI gauge, air vent, Rosemount RTD/Thermowell, Swagelok thermal reliefs, tubing and fittings.

Need help loading trucks with gasoline, diesel, Jet A, renewables, naphtha, bio-fuels with options for additive injection/blending – Give us a call at  678-250-9507