Standard Tank Truck & Railcar Loading/Unloading Rack Packages from S&S Technical. To complement packaged pump, meter & compressor skids used to load and unload trucks and railcars, S&S offers pre-designed load racks for applications that require access to the tops of cars and trucks with gangways & safety cages for fall protection. Loading arms and hose handlers can also be included. Pre-designed racks come standard in hot dipped galvanized steel with safety yellow handrails and swing gate at the top of the stairs, slip resistant grating walk surface and flat ramp, self-leveling stair or telescoping extension gangways with safety cage, all drawings for approval, load & reactions.

Optional PE stamp and foundation design is available. Need help with loading and unloading trucks and railcars inclusive of safe access and fall protection – give us a call at ( (678) 250-9507