VerssaLoad Railcar Loading Rack with Integrated Loading/Meter Skid Package Shipping Day – off to Baton Rouge. Need a truck or rail car loading rack that’s more than a pile of steel and bucket of bolts when it shows up at your site, leaving you with an incomplete solution that can’t load anything? Come see why other companies like yours turn to S&S for complete loading rack solutions with not just a platform, canopy and access gangway but complete with fully integrated pumps, compressors, meters, controls, ground/overfill, piping, electrical, loading arms, safety showers, operator enclosures, PLC/PLC programming & LED lighting factory installed & tested with simple single point tie-ins to your local process lines and electrical. In addition to the standard P&ID, GA/3D model, and electrical drawings, packages can include PE Stamps, foundation/pile design, piping ISO’s, pipe stress analysis, nozzle load calcs, IFC/IFB packages for contractor bidding and startup/commissioning.
Eliminate the need to call multiple contractor disciplines you have to take valuable time to manage after your bare load rack arrives to plumb up the rack, do electrical/conduit, install controls and test systems after your load rack arrives. With the VerssaLoad its done in a factory environment by one team all under one roof. Change what a loading rack solution looks like and expect more than a pile of steel and bucket of bolts as the answer. Without the S&S Technical VerssaLoad, your loading rack won’t load anything.


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