VerssaLoad Integrated Railcar Loading Rack Skid Systems. When space below your loading rack is a premium with multiple header lines, utilities, prover piping manifolds, expansion loops, the placement of pump and meter skids at grade level can be an issue. To solve this S&S Technical can integrate your loading or unloading skids into the upper level loading rack structure. In addition to saving valuable space below your loading racks, the placement of the skids at the upper platform level provides operations with a much easier to use solution with all skid components and controls easily accessible to use and maintain on the upper rack walkway level. This particular project with the BLUE and YELLOW loading meter skids, was for a project in Beaumont, TX being used to load multiple car spots with gasoline and diesel fuel. These particular skids are utilizing Toptech Multiload controllers, have Promass coriolis meters, OCV control valves, DBB’s with prover connections connected to a rack prover manifold, grounding and overfill and additive injection all designed to mount into the rack steel work.

Need help with designing complete load rack solutions with integrated loading and unloading skids, rack and canopies, loading arms, access and fall protection, electrical, controls, spill containment, lighting, foundation and pile design, PE stamp and calcs, piping design/ISO’s – give us a call. S&S is flexible and can provide a platform design solution or we can work with your preferred fabrication partner and help with the design elements so the skids can be fit into your supplied rack.- give us a call at 678-250-9507

VerssaLoad Integrated Railcar Loading Rack Skid Systems