VerssaLoad Intergrated Loading Rack Skids. As part of your loading rack project, designed and supplied by your chosen EPC/General Contractor or an S&S Technical design/fabricated rack, the S&S VerssaLoad skid system can be installed on the upper level load rack steel work and connected to the process piping, electrical and utilities supported on the rack steel structure. The advantages are many but include a fully shop built/tested skid system that comes complete with everything you need to meter load rail cars, allows for quick install, eliminates need to pour separate concrete pads under the rack, frees up space under the rack for other equipment, in flood prone areas keeps equipment above grade, all electrical and controls completed. Photos show several of the 14 skids on this particular job in North Dakota for loading propane being erected and show the skids as they arrive from S&S. These skids have Accuload controls, Micromotion meters, Rosemount instrumentation, meter prover connections that tie into a meter prover manifold, ground verification, mercaptan injection for odorizing the propane, all 300# class with Class 1, Div. 2 electrical.

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VerssaLoad Intergrated Loading Rack Skids