VerssaLoad Railcar Loading Package Heading Off to Ohio to a Waste Plastics to Synthetic Oil Facility. S&S Technical provided this load rack package with metering skid & control system to Custom Transfer Solutions (CTS) out of Houston. CTS took advantage of the VerssaLoad for their customer which provided a total solution the end user needed. Instead of buying a load rack from one company, a metering skid system and controls from another company and trying to marry it all together and manage the process – CTS worked with S&S Technical for a one stop solution to get a fully integrated package. CTS provided the Safe Harbor railcar access gangway & safety cage and OPW loading arm, S&S designed and built the platform & canopy, metering skid with FMC Prime 4 meter, E&H RTD/Thermowell, OCV control valve, Scully Intellitrol ground/overfill, Toptech load controller, junction box, Class 1 Div. 2 electrical, product and vapor piping spools to the loading arm on the upper platform. level. S&S sized the gangway and loading arm and provided the 3D model design with all equipment integrated into a single package and shipped all together from the S&S facility allowing the end users inspector to see all of the equipment in one location during the FAT. S&S shipped the platform assembled as a module allowing for faster erection once on site. With the VerssaLoad solution, platforms and components are set up ahead of time assuring no missing bolt holes, and alignment/fit up issues commonly found with traditional load rack solutions that are shipped as puzzle pieces from the factory that can lead to field problems, missed deadlines and remobilization cost. Need help with your next truck or railcar loading or unloading project – come see why others are selecting the S&S Technical VerssaLoad range of solutions

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