Another Verssaload Truck Loading Package Coming Together for Loading Waste Motor Oil in Wisconsin. This package included a truck access platform with 1/2 canopy, Excel loading arm, Safe Harbor access gangway and safety cage for fall protection, Blackmer pump, FMC Genesis meter, Toptech Multiload controller, Scully ground/overfill protection, printer in heated/weather proof enclosure for printing BOL tickets at the rack. S&S provided the PE stamped foundation design for the project as well as provided additional Blackmer pump skids for movement of products around the new and existing storage tanks. Want to see why others are coming to S&S for the Verssaload system with fully integrated loading and unloading pumps, meters, compressors, controls, electrical, lighting, junction boxes, piping, valves all fully designed, fabricated, set up and tested all in house prior to shipment to your site in modular components for fast erection/assembly

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