VerssaLoad VCM Railcar Loading Package Being Erected in Baton Rouge. S&S was asked to provide a rail loading system complete with loading rack & canopy, access gangway and fall protection, with all metering, controls, piping, valves, utilities, safety shower, LED lighting, all electrical / junction boxes, emergency shutdown valve closure system to meet Chlorine Institute requirements, all fully integrated into the rack structure and shipped to the site as a module. One photo shows progress on the job and other photos show the system being set up at S&S for FAT, and unit being shipped to the site and 3D model. The VerssaLoad integrated rack/skid packages allow for your entire system to be shop built, tested before arrival, erected faster with modular components, minimizing the number of suppliers and trades typically required for a project where multiple vendors are called in to provide puzzle pieces. Need help on your next truck or railcar loading or unloading project

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