Waste Oil Truck Loading Rack with Custody Transfer Meter Skid Loading Up & Heading to Milwaukie. After talking to multiple companies who could only provide parts of a solution and leaving the end user with gaps in supply and more project management time and cost to manage various vendors, S&S was contacted and a VerssaLoad solution was purchased. S&S was able to provide a complete solution all in house including the S&S designed and fabricated truck load rack & canopy with Safe Harbor access gangway & safety cage, Excel top loading arm with vapor recovery, high level indication and park detection sensors, custody transfer pump/meter skid with filtration, Blackmer pump, FMC meter, Toptech controller, Scully ground/overfill and BOL ticket printer in weather proof/heated enclosure, foundation design with PE Stamp / calculations, waste oil unloading to storage pump skid tied into the load rack controls to manage incoming inventory. The package was fully set up with customer witnessed wet test FAT so performance and fit up could be seen prior to arrival on site. The end user had one supplier to manage freeing up time to focus on other aspects of the project. S&S will be providing on site startup/commissioning and present for meter proving. 

For you next truck or railcar loading/unloading project, come see how to eliminate the need to work with multiple suppliers who can only provide pieces and parts of what you need, – give us a call at  678-250-9507.

Waste Oil Truck Loading Rack with Custody Transfer Meter Skid