EMCO Wheaton Loading Arm OEM

S&S Technical, Inc. based in Alpharetta, Georgia has become and OEM Distributor of EMCO Wheaton Truck & Railcar Top & Bottom Loading Arms.

“S&S is offering our customers products to help complete our packaged skid systems used to load and unload trucks and railcars with products like butane, propane, ethanol, and refined fuels”, says Pete Singleton, the VP of Strategic Markets. “Our job does not end with the loading skid and in order to ensure our customers can do their job safely when connecting the skid to a car or truck, which can involve heavy valves, couplers and break away units, offering loading arms just makes sense”.

S&S Technical designs, fabricates and automates packaged skid systems for the Oil & Gas, PetroChemical, Pipeline, Terminal, Midstream and Transloading operators. For more information, contact S&S at Web@skidsolutions.com or visit our web site at www.skidsolutions.com

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