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With S&S Technical offering a complete range of meter skids for pipeline & terminal operators, loading racks, refineries and petrochemical plants moving a variety of liquids and gasses, the need to provide complete solutions for S&S Technical’s clients is necessary to ensure all parts of a project work seamlessly together. In addition to meter skids, pig launchers/receivers, valve stations, pipeline pumps, booster skids and flow computer packages, S&S Technical provides Flow Management Devices (FMD), small volume provers for meter proving. As an authorized FMD fabrication partner, S&S Technical offers the full range of FMD products and services for proving coriolis, PD, turbine and ultrasonic meters in high pressure NGL’s, cryogenic, refined products, crude oil, propane/butane applications.

FMD-090 Prover

FMD-090 Prover

What is a Prover?

A Prover is a device with a “known traceable volume” designed to calibrate or prove a liquid flow meter’s accuracy and repeatability under actual operating conditions. Provers can be stationary or portable devices used to calibrate and verify the accuracy and repeatability of both volumetric and mass flow meters. Provers are commonly used in the hydrocarbon industry for custody transfer or fiscal applications, where accuracy is critical.

A Prover Establishes:

  • The K-Factor (pulses per unit volume) of a meter
  • The Meter Factor (factor used with a meter to correct accuracy for flow conditions)
  • The Linearity over the calibrated flow range for the meter
  • The repeatability for the meter system

Why is It Important to Prove a Flowmeter?

To provide an accurate measurement.

In addition, proving is critical for financial transactions and custody transfer applications to maintain profitability and reduce financial uncertainties.

Flow meters are generally calibrated in a factory using clean and consistent factory conditions; once they reach the field, they are subject to various conditions in the field. Over time these product and process variations can lead to accuracy shifts known as drifting.

FMDs Small Volume or Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers use the known volume of the prover in comparison to the output of the flowmeter to calculate a correction factor allowing the user to adjust the flowmeter accordingly for a truly accurate representation of flow rates.

Prover Sizes

FMD prover are available in models to manage flows from 100GPM/142BPH to 245,500GPM/35,000BPH from flange sizes starting at 1” to 24”.

How a Prover Works

Small Volume Provers – Flow Management Devices | FlowMD

Services Provided

In addition to providing a prover for your project, services for prover calibration, preventative maintenance, start-up & commissioning and training are available.

Need help with complete solutions for your next meter skid project inclusive of meter proving, controls/automation all engineered in house, give us a call to find out why other companies like yours come to S&S Technical.   

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