Truck and Railcar Loading Platforms

Truck and railcar loading platforms are an integral part of your process whether it be unloading raw materials or loading finished products. Doing it safely is paramount with operators working from elevated work surfaces on the top of railcars and trucks where they can be exposed to falls greater than six feet. S&S Technical custom designs loading platforms for single or multiple hatch access, equipping loading platforms with access gangways for safe access to the tops of trucks and railcars and safety cages for fall protection while working on top of the trucks and rail cars.

Various gangway options for truck and railcar access including self-leveling stairs, flat ramp gangways and telescoping extension gangways are utilized based on the application, as well as options for custom designed safety cages for fall protection to fit your unique needs. Track mounted gangways can also be provided where the need to access multiple hatches is required. Track mounted gangways eliminate the need to re-spot your truck or railcar saving valuable time.


Truck and railcar loading platforms can be supplied with canopies to protect your product and personnel from the elements. Loading platforms can be provided in hot dipped galvanized steel or painted finishes per your sites paint specifications. Truck and railcar loading platforms are designed per OSHA standards as we interpret them with local codes, and plant standards taken into consideration.

S&S Technical takes typical truck and railcar loading racks a step further and can integrate everything you need to load or unload a truck or railcar into the loading rack structure with the VerssaLoad line of loading racks. From pumps, meters, filtration, utilities, safety showers, operator enclosures, compressors, controls, ground verification, overfill protection, valves, piping, loading arms, electrical, LED lightning, the VerssaLoad loading rack package means you have a single source to deliver a complete loading rack solution, fully tested prior to shipment from a partner with all in house capabilities. The VerssaLoad solution will free up your time by eliminating multiple vendors to manage and allow you to focus on other aspects of your project. Fully factory tested, the VerssaLoad will help keep your project on schedule with shortened installation and start up/testing times.

3D Rail

All S&S Technical truck and railcar loading platforms are supplied with approval drawings, 3D model for importing into your site model, loads/reactions, final drawings, O&M manual. Options for PE stamped drawings/calculations, and foundation design can be provided.

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