Verssaload™ Loading System

The S&S Technical Verssaload™ system simplifies the installation of truck and rail car loading racks and skid systems by integrating pumps or compressors, metering, filtration, grounding verification, instrumentation, overfill protection, emergency shut down, electrical and controls into the rack itself. S&S delivers to your site, a fully tested system, ready to connect your piping and electrical to pre-fitted flanges and junction boxes.

With the unique design, you can have a loading rack up and running faster, and eliminate the need to involve multiple disciplines such as pump suppliers, electricians, automation and piping contractors, saving you valuable project management time and giving you a single point of contact and responsibility for the complete system.

Feed Gas Compressors

Standard truck and rail car rack designs for single or double sided applications, with or without a canopy are available. Choose from powder coated or hot dipped galvanized steel. All platforms are supplied with OSHA compliant handrails, midrails, toe board, and stair units with slip resistant grating walk surfaces. Platforms are designed to support your supplied access and fall protection equipment.

S&S Technical offers complete design, fabrication and automation and can take your project from concept to completion, all in house. Systems can include all the necessary accessories such as loading arms or hoses, dry break couplers and break away units, ACME fittings and globe valves, which are all considered part of the skid piping system and taken into consideration during the engineering design phase of the package, ensuring you get a system that is safe and works.

Packages include all engineered drawings for approval, loads/reactions, pad layout, erection/assembly, certified finals, and PE Stamps if required.


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